Shanghai Jazz Night Cheongsam
The curtains part, and you step onto the stage in this extraordinary cheongsam, exclusively from Whitesoot. The crowd hushes as the spotlights shines on your astonishing polka dot number. Flaunting red highlights in its buttons and piping, you croon to...
Vintage Shanghai Glamour Cheongsam Dress
When the fanciest event of the year requests nothing less than your absolute best, respond with this gorgeous midi length cheongsam dress from Whitesoot! With violet and golden yellow peonies alongside white sakura and chrysanthemums, this cheongsam exudes timeless feminine...
Nightlife in Shanghai Cheongsam Dress
As if hosting an unforgettable New Year’s jazz night in this cheongsam weren’t rewarding enough, you’re given extra time in the spotlight with guests raising a glass in your honour! With all the attention on your dark blue cheongsam with...
Legendary Doves & Sakura Cheongsam Dress
When the desire to sport something feminine and unforgettable strikes this Chinese New Year, respond with this eclectic number! A Whitesoot exclusive, this charming cheongsam flaunts auspicious doves and sakura blooms on a lipstick red background, bringing contrast to its...
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