Join one of the liveliest and most unconventional teams around! We're determined to give our customers the best experience so we look forward to working with happy, creative and plain ol ‘nice people all around. What’s work like? Photo shoots with laughter, coffee sessions, surrounded by clothes, yup, we think we know fun ;)

Working with Whitesoot can happen in a number of ways:

  • The Whitesoot Blogger's Circle – Fashion bloggers are changing the way we view and wear fashion. It's becoming one of the most powerful forms of self-expression and style. Whitesoot has always been a part of this and will continue to be a part of it so we welcome all fashion bloggers out there to join us!

  • Models' Casting – We're always keeping our eyes peeled for that special Kuala-Lumpur based girl who exudes the Whitesoot sense of style and confidence. Think you're our Whitesoot girl? Email us now.

  • Photographers, stylists and make-up artists – Creativity, passion and energy are highly valued at Whitesoot and we're eager to work with those of you who are bursting with them. Let's wow the world with our ideas!

So, interested to work with the best team in town? Just send us an email at and if you're keen on being a Whitesoot girl, do remember to send us your photo. We can't wait to hear from you :)


Whitesoot career & opportunities

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