Flourishing Florals Flare Dress with Short Sleeves
Just as the cheery florals blossom atop the red of this dress, so do you in your every endeavour while wearing its darling design! Complete with short sleeves and a flare pleated skirt, this dress is the perfect complement to...
Vintage Shanghai Glamour Cheongsam Dress
When the fanciest event of the year requests nothing less than your absolute best, respond with this gorgeous midi length cheongsam dress from Whitesoot! With violet and golden yellow peonies alongside white sakura and chrysanthemums, this cheongsam exudes timeless feminine...
Nightlife in Shanghai Cheongsam Dress
As if hosting an unforgettable New Year’s jazz night in this cheongsam weren’t rewarding enough, you’re given extra time in the spotlight with guests raising a glass in your honour! With all the attention on your dark blue cheongsam with...
Legendary Doves & Sakura Cheongsam Dress
When the desire to sport something feminine and unforgettable strikes this Chinese New Year, respond with this eclectic number! A Whitesoot exclusive, this charming cheongsam flaunts auspicious doves and sakura blooms on a lipstick red background, bringing contrast to its...
Artful Endeavor Flare Midi Dress
Glide effortlessly into the heart of elegance by donning this to the latest art gallery opening in town. With a display of abstract blooms in yellow, blue, pink and orange in a red background, this dress from our label is...
Let’s Fla-mingle Flare Dress with Short Sleeves - Ruby Red
This short sleeved dress is founded in vintage-inspired vogue, with energetic updates that are sure to thrill! This pocketed ruby red-coloured dress features flamingos, toucans and palm patterns, along with a pleated flare skirt! Other details include: Double layered top,...
The Enchanted Red Rose Flare Midi Dress
The question is – where can’t you wear this gorgeous black dress with red rose prints? This flare dress makes deciding what to flaunt absolutely flawless! Details include: Double layered top, flare skirt with inner lining, side pockets and a...
Waves of Fun 60s Mod A-Line Dress - Auburn Red
Your ocean-loving existence isn’t a choice – it’s a lifestyle! That’s the reason this dress with digital prints of curly waves, is an obvious addition to your collection of classic, flattering dresses! Sporting auburn red, black, grey, white and fawn...
Stripes & Florals Done Right Flare Dress with Short Sleeves - Rose Pink
If you’re all kinds of hype about choosing stripes, know that this feeling is mutual! Jazzed up with bouquets of crisp white, red and blue florals, this dress is a smart pick with an undeniable impact. Details include: Short sleeves,...
Sentimental Sensation in Red Flare Midi Dress
Your thoroughly retro look in this red floral midi dress will certainly cause a stir! All eyes will find themselves starting at the pretty V-neckline, nipped in waist, then working their way down to the flared hem, ultimately ending their...
Everlasting Sakura Cheongsam Dress
Though your taste may change after the festivities, this cheongsam is a piece you’re thrilled to flaunt all year round! Part of our Whitesoot label, this cheongsam features falling pink Sakura blooms on a crisp white background, radiating an artistic...
Jubilant Confetti Cheongsam Dress
Guarantee a season bustling with joy and happiness by adding this cheerful cheongsam dress to your collection! Decorated with colourful confetti in shades of blue, pink and yellow, this cheongsam will showcase how delightful your festivities will be! Details include:...
Fujisan Dots & Stripes Cheongsam Dress - Red
In your mind, there is only one way to merge poise with quirkiness, and it’s by donning this cheongsam! Pairing white polka dots on a red background to stripes make one gorgeous Whitesoot label, this cheongsam always succeeds in making...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Vintage Porcelain Blooms Cheongsam Dress
Expect your appearance at the reunion dinner in this vintage-inspired cheongsam to be a joyful event, because its elegant blooms on a pretty ivory background is guaranteed to earn you praises! That’s just the power of a retro look! Details...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Botanical Brunch Floral Flare Midi Dress
Whether you decide on scones and clotted cream or waffles with maple syrup at the hotel’s garden café, you already made a stylish choice with this gorgeous floral dress! Boasting red, white and blue blooms, this dress is as beautiful...
Artful Prosperity Koi Flare Midi Dress - White
Treat yourself to some nature joys with this white flare dress, which emits vibes of prosperity and abundance with its prints of vibrant coloured koi fish! This Whitesoot exclusive is breath-taking and very festive, indeed! Details include: Double layered top,...
Vintage Blossoms in Mahogany Flare Dress with Short Sleeves
Inspired by this brilliant mahogany red dress, you visit unexpected hidden destinations in the company of its darling design. From speakeasy bars to amazing antique shops, this floral dress in an autumnal hue enhance the picturesque surroundings around you! Details...
Tropical All the Way Maxi Dress
There’s no mistake in who’s in charge of the trip’s agenda when you arrive in paradise sporting this gorgeous red floral printed maxi dress! Made with a aquare neckline, double layered top, ruched flare skirt with inner polyester lining and...
Nights of Fancy Rose Flare Maxi Dress - Red
It’s hard to pinpoint the best part of the evening – the dancing, the friends or the way this red & pink rose printed maxi dress makes you feel! With a double layered top, luxuriously long pleated flare skirt with...
Romance of the Spring Cheongsam Dress - Orchid Purple
From the moment your eyes open in the morning until the last second spent in this gorgeous, floral purple cheongsam dress with bright pink and purple blooms, your day is a total dream! Charming high neck Mandarin collar detailing with...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Empress of Happiness Cheongsam Dress
cYour bright and poised attitude is adored the world over, and once you flaunt it alongside this happy yellow dress with red florals, you’ll be just as revered as your style! High neck Mandarin collars, buttons (non-functioning), double layered top,...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Porcelain Cloisonné Cheongsam Dress
The only accessory with this beautiful cheongsam dress needs are your poised and polished demeanour! With a high neck Mandarin collars, buttons (non-functioning), double layered top, flare skirt with inner polyester lining and a hidden back zip, this dress is...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Delightful Dancing Dots Cheongsam Dress
Indulge in style both timeless and modern with this salmon pink cheongsam dress with yellow spots. A Whitesoot exclusive style that fulfils your sartorial fantasies with its nigh neck Mandarin collars, buttons (non-functioning), double layered top, flare skirt with inner...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
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Prosperity Sakura Lace Cheongsam Dress
Boldly showcase your love for the festivities with every wear of this red Sakura lace cheongsam dress! With a high neck Mandarin collars, buttons (non-functioning), double layered top, flare skirt with inner polyester lining and a hidden back zip, this...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Hatsumi Dots & Stripes Cheongsam Dress
Your taste is well-cultivated, meaning you’re a gal that knows what she wants in a fancy dress! Enter this perfectly combination of polka dots and stripes in a traditional cheongsam dress, and this speaks to every part of your sophisticated...
RM139.00 from RM95.00
Delicate Rose Artisan Cheongsam Dress - Red
cWith the classy and charismatic elements of this red polka dotted dress with floral skirt, what’s not to adore? The high neck collar with pleated, flare skirt gives you plenty to gush over, and even more for your relatives to...
RM139.00 from RM88.00
Delicate Rose Artisan Cheongsam Dress - Cream
With the classy and charismatic elements of this cream polka dotted dress with blush pink floral skirt, what’s not to adore? The high neck collar with pleated, flare skirt gives you plenty to gush over, and even more for your...
RM139.00 from RM88.00
Mediterranean Mosaique Getaway Maxi Dress - Red
To celebrate your newly listed AirBnB resort home, you invite your pals over to admire the view of the beautiful landscaped beach – and your maxi dress with printed red eastern-inspired mosaic dress! Details include: Square neckline, double layered top,...
Lady Noir Peonies Cheongsam
The secret to make waves during Chinese New Year is this phenomenal cheongsam from our Whitesoot label. A classic black top with high neck mandarin collars, a flare skirt with peonies, printed in pointillism style, and auspicious red-coloured button accents...

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