Darling Diamond Premium All-natural Lip Balm

We love the look of this gorgeous rose-shaped lip balm in our bag – and how the formula is 100% natural does not contain any unhealthy ingredients like chemicals, paraben, petroleum or synthetic fragrance. Swipe it on when you get to work in the morning and you won't feel the need to reapply until lunchtime. That is, if you can resist the temptation to reapply every five minutes. This delicate floral scent is seriously addictive. And it gets better – there’s not one ingredient in this all-natural formula that is bad for you. Read our all-natural list of ingredients that we proudly share with you below:


INGREDIENTS (and reason they're in our lip balms!) : 

Spanish Coconut oil (ultra moisturizing. The medium-chain triglycerides act as a natural skin conditioner)

American Beeswax (contains natural emulsifiers which help retain moisture)

South American Jojoba oil (moisturizer that balances skin pH and is anti-bacterial)

Swedish Shea butter (protects and hydrates sensitive skin as well as helps to heal skin)

Moroccan Argan Oil (a prized moisturizer that contains antioxidants)

Vitamin E (helps protect again sun damage)

Egyptian Geranium essential oil (helps relieve anxiety and regulate hormonal system)

Ylang Ylang essential oil from Madagascar (known for its calming effect that relieves stress and insomnia)

Beetroot powder (natural colouring)



These lip balms are made for ultimate moisturizing effect. Hence, they may be softer than your usual lip balms. Do not unscrew to reveal the entire lip balm during application.

Spotting of dark red on your lip balm is due to concentration of beetroot powder. 

Free of chemicals, petroleum, paraben, minerals, alcohol, artificial colouring, preservatives.

Do a patch test on your skin prior to use to tests for allergies.

Rose Blue
Rose Pink


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